Vitalfoam Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Mattress pads can vary in thickness and density of the memory foam just like the mattress toppers and mattresses themselves. This particular one is 3in thick 4.3lb memory visco-elastic foam. Interesting thing is that with this website we find the possibility to choose the memory foam density of the mattress pad you wish to purchase. Beside the 4.3lb density they also provide 5lb and 6lb which are better. It‘s up to you and the finances you wish to spend on your purchase. The 5lb density will cost you $50 over the final mattress pad price and the 6lb – $150 over it. We think this is a good feature to have as it increases your options. As to the memory pad itself – it looks pretty good. Even the 4.3lb is not a bad one. You also have the choice of all sizes and it‘s only up to you and which one suits you best. With the purchase of this mattress pad you’re getting a zippered terry cloth cover. The site also provides the possibility of mattress and pad sets. Basically the mattress pad and the mattress are placed together in a zippered allergy free cover. The mattress foam foundation is 5″ thick 2.1 density poly-foam. What you get is 8in of a double layer memory foam mattress. Again a nice option to have. Unfortunately the prices of the sets are not given. The prices of the pads again we find high, but those are indeed good pads to have.

3″ Vitalfoam Memory Mattress Pads Sizes:

  • Twin 38x75x3″ $295
  • Twin Long 38x80x3″ $305
  • Full 54x75x3″ $355
  • Queen 60x80x3″ $455
  • King 76x80x3″ $555
  • CA King 72x84x3″ $555
  • More ..

If you think you can afford a pad at that price you should get one of those. Still for a price like that you can even find and entire mattress. Maybe not as high density as 4.3, but somewhere near it. It‘s your choice, but we like this deal and again if you have the money for it, don’t hesitate.