Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Another memory foam mattress topper with absolutely no specifications given about it, except sizes available and price. We can only guess by looking at the picture and considering the prices how good this mattress topper is. In situation like that usually the prices are giving us the biggest clues, because when talking about memory foam mattresses and related products the more you pay the better product you get. For us the prices given are worth for a memory foam topper of 1 in thickness and of a lower memory foam density. A memory foam topper with specification like those, in our opinion, is simply not worth buying. It‘s just not gonna serve the purpose you‘re getting it for. Anyway see what‘s given for this particular one:

  • Twin = 34″Wx72″L for $16.99
  • Full = 49″Wx72″L for $29.99
  • Queen = 55″Wx77″L for $34.99
  • Dual King = 74″Wx77″L for $44.99
  • Cal King = 68″Wx80″L for $44.99

If you still wish to get this product we advise you to request the missing specifications like thickness and density first and then decide if it‘s worth getting..

And again the usual note we make: when getting a memory foam mattress topper always get one size bigger than the size of your mattress, because the sizes not always fit and if you get equal sizes you‘re risking getting a topper smaller than your mattress.