Obus Forme Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Now, here‘s a deal you do want to miss out. Looking at the price the first impression you‘re left with is that this should be a nice, well worth product to get. It turns out that it‘s nothing more than overpriced below average memory foam topper. The density of the memory foam is not even mentioned, but considering the fact that it‘s only 1 1/2 in thick we think it‘s not even worth mentioning. To pay $139.95 for a Twin size 1 1/2 in thick memory foam mattress topper, regardless its density, for us is nothing but ridiculous. If you‘ve done some searching you‘ll know that you can find toppers with the same thickness and size for about $50 and even that‘s too much. Anyway, let‘s see the given features:

  • High-density memory foam changes shape as you move
  • Rejuvenates your current mattress
  • Reduces tossing and turning
  • Reduces pressure points

The first one is true. The second one is a little exaggerated – the 1 1/2 in thick memory foam mattress will rejuvenate your mattress just as much as if you put 2 blankets underneath you bed sheets. As to the third and forth given features – here we have the real exaggeration – getting a 1 1/2 in thick memory foam topper will be of absolute no help for you if you have any trouble sleeping. It‘s just not thick enough to do the things the website‘s ascribing it..

The product is simply not worthy and it’s best for you to ignore it. Not to mention that for the price asked for the King size of the same mattress topper – $247.95 – you can get at least 3in thick memory foam topper of high enough density memory foam. Take our advice and look for a better deal.