Natura Pedic Classic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This topper is no different from all the other 2in memory foam toppers out there. It’s comfortable, it helps your sleep and somewhat relieves body pain, but you already know my opinion for 2in or less thick memory foam topper – they’re just not that good. What surprises me here is the price of the different topper sizes – they are extremely expensive and I see no reason for that. Here are the prices as given – Twin for $249.99, Full for $319.99, Queen for $319.99 and King for $399.99. Unless this is the first offer you see you’ll agree that the prices far surpass the ones of similar products. I can’t recommend this topper to anyone, not because it’s poorer quality than the others, but because of the price it comes at. For prices like that you can easily get a complete mattress, what’s left for a better topper. I’ll give you the characteristics just in case, but don’t waste your money on this product. Here they are:

The natura pedic classic memory foam topper features 2″ of pressure sensitive foam. The topper echoes body shape and evenly distributes body wieght. It also supports the spine in its natural alignment and buffers sensitive pressure areas to provide significant relief from stiffness and sore muscles. The cover is luxuriously soft, plush terry cotton lined, with a layer of natura smart wool. The cover zips off for easy care. Twin: 38″W x 75″L, Full: 53″W x 74″L, Queen: 60″W x 80″L, King: 76″W x 80″L. Imported

There’s plenty of choice out there and you can easily find a topper of a similar quality on half the price. You just have to look around a little bit more. Anyway if you insist on getting exactly this topper, again I’ll warn you to get one size bigger than you need, because of the usual size difference between toppers and mattresses..