Visco Memory Foam is quite different than other so called memory foams

Many people already know about the unique sleep memory foam beds provide, but they don’t know that not all memory foam brands are the same, and sometimes the difference can quite dramatic and you might get some very bad experience on some cheap foam beds.

In order to protect the consumer from making a big mistake and buying low quality mattress and later on to suffer with the headache of returning the product and fighting over with the sellers what “they do not accept open packages or similar” is our main mission. We would like to give you better brand awareness so that you know what memory foam is good and what low quality is.

I suppose that all of you know, but I’ll share with you one very wise British saying “I’m not that rich to buy cheap stuff”. I’m not Brit but I do feel the same. About 95% of all cheap products are only cheap because the quality is so poor that they cannot sell it for more. In many situations when you buy a cheap dress, and after washing it you throw it in the garbage, most people will say that “yeah, it was a cheap dress and I didn’t lost anything”, but in reality the “quality dress” costs about 2 times more and its lasts 100 times more and the quality is much better.

In reality Visco Elastic Memory Foam is expensive. I’m not going to hide from you that Visco memory foam mattresses are almost twice as regular mattress, but I’ll give you my professional opinion that the quality on Visco foam mattresses is 100 times better. The main differences are the following:…

Most memory foam brands are based on the Visco Elastic Memory Foam, but they are far worse due to their combination with low quality (cheap) ingredients in order to decrease the overall costs. That’s like combining Gold with Bronze to make it cheaper. Both look the same way and, but are so different in characteristics.

Visco Memory Foam has the unique Tempur-Pedic characteristic to reshape when you touch it. When the Visco foam “feels” increase in temperature (different than room temperature) it shrinks. This way the memory foam mattress or topper molds to your body, but does not develop pressure points like other foam mattresses. Generic mattresses when pressed they condense while developing equal force to the pressure on them, where Memory Foam shrinks and molds under your body removing pressure points. See the picture below on the memory foam effect when you simply put your hand on the memory foam. Also notice that when you remove your hand the memory foam keeps its form for a short while and then slowly recovers back to its original form.

The biggest difference between Memory Foam and Regular/Cheap Foam is the heat sensitivity level they have. Most cheap foams do not mold properly and therefore still have pressure points. Genuine Visco Elastic Memory foam DOES NOT develop pressure points and it molds perfectly around your body creating the floating effect. You basically feel the same pressure around your whole body which is very similar to floating on water. This floating feeling is due to the fact that your body is receiving equal pressure on all points and that relaxes your muscles and helps you fall into deep sleep instead of turning around all night in search of better sleeping position.

For conclusion, I’d like to share something that you might not know. Memory Foam by origin is called NASA Foam because it’s originally developed for NASA and the chemical that chemical compound is called Visco-Elastic Polyurethane Foam, therefore if you are referring to Genuine Memory Foam, then you should use the full name of the foam – Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. All other foams are NOT Memory Foams, but they are based on the Visco Memory Foam formula and share similar Similar Features but are not the same thing. Only the Visco Foam is heat sensitive and it’s patented so that nobody can steal its unique characteristics. All other foams that are labeled MEMORY FOAMs are NOT exactly that and the main reason why manufacturers call them that way is because they have some of the Visco features but are not the same and they are trying to sell due to the great reputation of Visco Elastic Memory Foam. Its like comparing Coca Cola to Pepsi, they are essentially the same but not really, everyone wants coke but hell pepsi is not coke!