Visco Memory Foam and Coil combination

This is not something you see every day – a combination between memory foam and spring mattress. On the picture included below you see all the details and how the mattress is structured on the inside.

Visco Memory Foam Coil 9000 architecture

I‘m not a big fan of this combination, because I don‘t think springs and memory foam go well together as a matter of resilience on the memory foam towards the springs. Still this edurolater pad is supposed to solve that problem and although I have no idea what exactly edurolatel pad is I can only assume it‘s made of a harder material in order to separate the springs from the tender memory foam and not let them hurt it or misshape it. If it works, I think it‘s a good idea. Other than that the 2 pieces of memory foam combined create a 3.5in thick memory foam layer which in my opinion is not that much, but for the price given for the mattress – $161.54, I‘ll say it‘s ok. Another thing that worries me are the sizes. As given in the website they are:

  • Jr. Twin Ottoman(Ottoman – a low upholstered seat used as a footstool) – $161.54
  • Jr. Twin Chair/Sleeper (additional cost) – $320
  • Full Sofa/Sleeper (additional cost) – $435.38

If you‘re like me and thinking what Jr. Twin dimensions are here‘s what‘s given in the description:

Weight: 9.00lbs
Dimensions: 9.00″ H x 28.00″ W x 21.00″ D.
The Jr. Twin Chair/Sleeper Dimensions: 28.00″ W x 54.00″ D
The Full Sofa/Sleeper Dimensions: 36.50″ H x 84.00″ W x 39.00″ D

Even for measures like those I say the prices are pretty good deal. I’m still not so sure about the quality. As I already said – the combination‘s bugging me. If you’re ok with it try the mattress, who knows it may be a good one.