The mattresses by the Sarah Peyton brand are surely one of the most luxurious. They are perfect for picky clients and ones with serious back problems, for they can easily get rid of them.

There are two models by Sarah Peyton which are worth trying. Those are the Sarah Peyton King-size Memory Foam Mattress with pillows, and the Sarah Peyton 10“ Cool Flow Memory Foam Mattress.

The first one can meet nearly all kinds of personal needs when it comes to firmness and height, so I strongly recommend it. It has a supportive 4-pound density memory foam and a 7.5-inch polyurethane base; this combination eliminates joint and back pain which easily can occur while sleeping on most innerspring mattresses. This mattress goes with a cover which is an aloe-vera treated one, and it is zippered for easy washing and removal. Of course, the memory foam is resistant to mold and dist mites, and it is naturally antimicrobial.

Sarah Peyton’s mattresses never need turning, and can be used with a platform bed or box springs. Wherever you put it though, the results will be quick. Not so serous back problems fade away just after a night spent on such a mattress; a week is enough to deal with the serious ones. It comes vacuum-packed to 1/3 its own actual size, and will expand fully within 24 hours; other customers recommend you to leave it right on the bed before removing the package, for it is more convenient, and all ends can uncurl fully adjusting to the size of your bed.

This King-size includes two contouring pillows added as a bonus; some clients say they are a little small, but it is not a problem. They can be perfect for knee problems (you put them between you legs); or neck issues, for they completely relieve the muscles.

The other model has a soothing ventilation system that reduces temperature while you sleep, providing the ultimate breathability of the memory foam.
Both models have no smell at all. The second one is softer than the first one, so they should be enough for you as choices of firmness or softness, height and support.