Memory Luxe Mattress

This is a 9in thick single layer memory foam mattress made of European Visco Memory Foam and Polyfoam. From what is given as characteristics about it the memory foams it‘s made of “are certified and meet the OEKO-TEK standards of 100 Class I requirements. This certification assures that there is no toxicity in the materials used and that all materials are safe for extremely sensitive skin, even the sensitive skin of newborn babies.” What‘s lacking in the entire list of specification provided is the density of the memory foams used. This is something we suggest you question either the website or the store salesman before buying a product like that. You know that there are different densities of the memory foam and each density number corresponds to different firmness and softness. It‘s always better to know the density of the memory foam your mattress is made of. Check out the given specifications:

  • Top quality European Visco Memory Foam and Polyfoam
  • Medicott (R) and sanitized (R) fabric and cover treatment
  • Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Beneficial for those with sensitive skin, asthma, or allergies
  • Comfort foam naturally conforms to body pressure points
  • Eliocel foam meets OEKO-TEX standards
  • Zippered cover is easily removable and washable
  • Available in a selection of sizes
  • Airtech material allows moisture to dissipate
  • Environmentally friendly, all glues free of CFCs
  • No roll-together
  • More ..

There are not too many complains about this mattress from people who‘ve purchased it. The main thing they don‘t like is the chemically smell after unwrapping. This is nothing too serious as the smell will disappear after 4 to 5 days…you can fasten this disappearing by using fabric fresheners. There‘s one other thing that‘s bugging us – the mattress price. Good thing is that you get to chose from many sizes, but we think Twin for $459.99, Full for $539.99, Queen $629.99 and King for $799.99 is way too much for a single layer 9 in memory foam mattress (especially when the density of the memory foam is not provided as information). For the prices given you can easily find multi-layer mattress just as good as this one. All you need to do is some searching.