Memory Pedic Mattress

The Memory Pedic 10.5 Mattress has a profile of 10.5 and weighs 140lbs. Features: High-Density VITA Memory Foam is the pressure-reducing component which has taken the sleep industry by storm. Ultra Cel High-Density Convoluted Foam with tips down is built into the sleep system to create air flow every time movement is detected on the surface. Ultra Cel High Resiliency (HR) Foam base provides targeted resistance and support to each sleeper according to their specific weight and profile to reduce the opportunity for lower back pain. Features a 20-year limited warranty. Dimensions: 76×79″

This is the all of the given information about this memory foam mattress. It‘s obvious that this is a three layer memory foam mattress, but again, as in many of the websites, the density of each layer is not provided. All we understand is that combined they create a 10.5in thick memory foam mattress. Still we have to give credit to the site that it provides the type of memory foam that is used (although this is probably of absolutely no use for most of the readers). We‘ve mentioned not once that multi-layer mattresses are better than single layer ones and even though the density of the memory foam layers is skipped we think this is a mattress that deserves your attention..

The price is also not bad – for the mattress it is $787.60 and if you want to add a matching base to it you have to pay $264 more or total of $1051.60. There are some other downsides like – the only size you can get the mattress is king size, and there‘s no word about cover coming with it, so we guess you have to buy that separately. Still the price is pretty good for a 3 layer mattress and if you’re interested in getting it we suggest you do.