Innerspace Luxury Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress

Here‘s another very similar to the previous bad mattress…with just some minor changes to its features this is said to be better than the InnerSpace © Indulgence Memory Foam Mattress, but basically is just as bad. What they did to change it is a minor (almost unnoticeable) memory foam thickness change, as now the top layer is 2″ thick and the bottom one is 4″ thick. Again the total thickness is 6″, but at least this time the bottom layer is not Elioform base, but a polyurethane high-density foam one (definitely better). Check this one’s features:

  • No motion transfer
  • 2″ memory foam conforms to your body
  • 4″ thick Polyurethane high-density foam core provides support
  • Sculpted core adds softness and allows for air circulation
  • Built-in FlameWatch flame retardant technology meets or exceeds federal standards
  • Quilted stretch cover
  • Floral jacquard ticking
  • State-of-the-art packaging
  • Measures approx. 76″W x 80″L x 6″ deep
  • Cover: 79.7% polyester, 20.3% Polypropylene
  • Fill: 100% Polyurethane foam
  • Spot clean only
  • Made in USA
  • Comes with a manufacturer‘s 20-year limited warranty
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Don‘t be fooled by the features added – it is not much different than the previous one as we’ve already mentioned. Yes, it‘s a little bit better, but again it‘s the thickness and the density foam that should concern you – and here, again, they‘re not the best ones you can get for this price. Speaking about the price in this case it is $749.95 a little bit pricier for a mattress a little bit better – nothing that surprising, right? still for those money you can find something of a higher quality.