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Sarah Peyton Memory Foam Mattress

The mattresses by the Sarah Peyton brand are surely one of the most luxurious. They are perfect for picky clients and ones with serious back problems, for they can easily get rid of them. There are two models by Sarah Peyton which are worth trying. Those are the Sarah Peyton King-size Memory Foam Mattress with […]

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Simmons Caresse Memory Foam Mattress Set

Simmons Creasse Memory Foam Mattress

Until now we‘ve always talked about memory foam mattresses, toppers, or pads, but they all require you have the base already available at home. What happens if you don‘t or you want to change your bed entirely? Then you need a mattress set. The set usually consists of mattress base and a mattress with the […]

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8″ Visco Memory Foam Mattress by Primo International

Primo International memory foam mattress

There you go – a nice 2 layer memory foam mattress on a decent price. Unlike some of the previous ones we‘ve reviewed for you the 8″ Visco Memory Foam Mattress by Primo International definitely deserves your consideration. I know we‘ve said that the many layers the better, but that certainly reflects on the price […]

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Visco Memory Coil 9000 Mattress

Visco Memory Foam and Coil combination

This is not something you see every day – a combination between memory foam and spring mattress. On the picture included below you see all the details and how the mattress is structured on the inside. I‘m not a big fan of this combination, because I don‘t think springs and memory foam go well together […]

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King Memory-Pedic 10.5 Mattress

Memory Pedic Mattress

The Memory Pedic 10.5 Mattress has a profile of 10.5 and weighs 140lbs. Features: High-Density VITA Memory Foam is the pressure-reducing component which has taken the sleep industry by storm. Ultra Cel High-Density Convoluted Foam with tips down is built into the sleep system to create air flow every time movement is detected on the […]

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Memory Luxe Mattress

Memory Luxe Mattress

This is a 9in thick single layer memory foam mattress made of European Visco Memory Foam and Polyfoam. From what is given as characteristics about it the memory foams it‘s made of “are certified and meet the OEKO-TEK standards of 100 Class I requirements. This certification assures that there is no toxicity in the materials […]

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InnerSpace Luxury Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress

Innerspace Luxury Sculpted Memory Foam Mattress

Here‘s another very similar to the previous bad mattress…with just some minor changes to its features this is said to be better than the InnerSpace © Indulgence Memory Foam Mattress, but basically is just as bad. What they did to change it is a minor (almost unnoticeable) memory foam thickness change, as now the top […]

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Innerspace Indulgence Memory Foam Mattress

A mattress somehow different from the last two reviewed – it‘s again a memory foam one, but here you‘ll notice how much the quality of that same foam matters when it comes to good and comfortable mattress. The previous two mattresses we offered you were 2 layered memory foam ones with total thickness of 10″. […]

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HealthCare Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

The next two layer memory foam mattress to choose from and compare to the others we have already reviewed. This time the upper layer is made of three inches of Deluxe Memory Foam. Here’s some more information on the Deluxe Memory Foam – it is a material introduced by a Swedish mattress company. The material […]

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Visco elastic memory foam mattress

Visco Memory Foam Mattress

This is the next 2 layer memory foam mattress we‘re gonna show you. It is very similar to the previous one we presented to you, but many of them will be. The difference is in the memory foam they‘re made from. Again the top layer is made of 3″ memory foam, but it is 5.3lb […]

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