About Visco Foam

The Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Mattress is made from 5lb density SENSUS Memory Foam, a temperature-sensitive visco-elastic material that was originally developed 20 years ago by the NASA Space Program. This material provides equally dispersed support with no specific pressure points or sagging of the spine. The technology in Memory Foam Mattresses and Pillows has been clinically proven to reduce pressure and relieve pain during sleep. Memory Foam facilitates a healthier and more comfortable night’s sleep. If you suffer from sleeplessness or pain like millions of other Americans, then trying this mattress is a must. It is guaranteed to change your sleep and your life.

A little bit of History

Visco memory foam is not a new invention, on the contrary its quite old. Originally Visco-Elastic Polyurethane Foam was known NASA Foam because it was developed in 1960 as a secret space-age project for NASA. The whole thing was that when a spaceship/shuttle takes off, the human body is pressed with very high Gravity pressure (I’m not sure but about 5 to 10 times the gravity force that we experience here on the ground) that is quite uncomfortable using hard materials as seats and therefore NASA needed something really gentle that is able to keep the astronauts from being smashed.

The whole iner side of the Astronaut seat is made from Visco Elastic memory Foam to minimize G pressure

The unique characteristic of Visco Elastic Memory Foam materials to reshape around your body and mainly due to its heat sensitive nature to equalize pressure around the body therefore removing any pressure points became a groundbreaking technology that after being declassified took so many new forms and uses.

In early 1980s Visco foam was officially declassified from being top-secret project and young entrepreneurs started looking for new uses. The first thing NASA foam was first used for was as pads and toppers for ER hospital beds where patients who couldn’t move in their beds and therefore experienced “bed injuries”. Bed injury is when one person stays stationary in it bed for weeks even months and the contact/pressure points on the body get irritated and infected. The Visco foam was the perfect answer as it equalizes pressure points and therefore patients did not get any irritation or injuries by staying for long periods of time in static position. That made Visco/Nasa foam extremely popular for hospitality use, but at that point in time it was extremely expensive due to its limited presence.

On regular Mattresses you have very high pressure points that can cause injury and don‘t feel very comfortable in your night sleep

On Visco Elastic Memory Foam all pressure points are eliminated and therefore you feel like you are floating on your mattress. This helps better/deeper sleep.

About 10 years later, finally Visco Memory Foam became more popular and due to the increase of competition on the market the prices dropped drastically. At that time the prices were still relatively high compared to nowadays and therefore the main products that memory foam was used were quite limited and mostly concentrated in luxurious items like furniture, chairs, shoes (as pads) and others.

In early 1998, the Memory Foam became a big hit especially after Visco Elastic Tempur-Pedic foam was awarded the Certificate for “Certified Technology Seal” by NASA granting its long known name as Top-Level-Space-Technology derived by United States’ efforts and experiments in Space. At that point numerous other companies started producing their own types of Memory Foam which featured similar characteristics as Visco Elastic Foam, and that intensive competition dropped the prices even more. Nowadays we have so many different memory foam brands that its virtually impossible to list them here, but still all of them are based on the Tempir-Pedic Visco-Elastic Memory Foam.

What makes Visco Memory Foam so unique?

I know that everyone of you at one point or another had fallen asleep in the bath tub and I can’t find any other analogy for the unique feeling you get when sleeping on Visco Elastic Memory Foam mattress. Now why is that? Visco foam is heat sensitive and shapes around your body equalizing pressure in a way that you feel like floating on it, that is extremely similar to the feeling you get when step in the bath tub. The mere fact that you body does not feel any pressure points relaxes you muscles and you suddenly feel so sleepy and start falling asleep, just like when you get in your Visco Elastic memory foam bed.

Memory foam beds feel very similar to warm bath tub floating and help muscles relax